Four Not-so-Secret Ways to Beat the Monday Blues!

a messy desk

Monday, an intimidating caveat warning us about a week full of hectic, tightly-scheduled hours with no room for fun. This is how many of us feel when we first hit the morning alarm and start our day. With a dreamy hope of just spending one more day cruising around having fun. Leaving the bed seems like the hardest thing to do, leaving apart finding the files you were supposed to submit.

What to do about it? Is it cool enough to let it drain away all the energy for the day?

It would be so great if we could be as optimistic and cheery as our friend who always reaches his desk five minutes before time with a broad grin on his happy face. Don’t admit, but we are all hoping to be like him. Here’s how:

  •  Make each Sunday the best holiday. Spend each Sunday as if it’s the best holiday you’d ever get. Make each and every holiday the best holiday ever. Visit places, indulge in sports and do all the fun things that you have been stalling away with the lame excuse ‘I don’t have time’. We all have that time. The weekend. Don’t just wait for it to pass sitting on your couch with fried chips watching TV. Make the most of every weekend.
  • Think of one change you would like to make in the way you work that you feel will either make you better at work or make your work more fun. It can be decorating your desk with the things that inspire you, or adding a photo of your kids and your loved ones to your table, if they are one of the reasons you’re working for. Or just decide to greet your seniors, friends and colleagues a bit more pleasantly than you used to before. Such small changes will sum up to make you feel much better at work.
  • Leave the sulky habit. Decide once and for all to leave the habit of being unpleasant in your behaviour. Be happier, optimistic and in turn much smarter. Befriend the people around you instead of giving them reasons to dislike you. Be friendlier in your approach and always greet people with a smile.
  • Goals for the week. Analyse each week at the end of the fun Sunday you’ve spent and find the places where you would have done better. Jot down five goals you would like to achieve in the coming week. Keep it simple and practical, like commencing work on time, completing the work you always keep stalling, trying to implement one good work etiquette and so on. This will transform the Monday menace to a time when you can implement all that you have planned for the week.

Enjoy the week, not just the weekend. Make the most of this week. Happy Monday!