‘Envision and Inspire’ in September 2015


A corporate event for the businessman in all of us. Together, let us explore the latest technological advances and vision future possibilities. Learn about great products that will simplify your business and launch it to greater heights. Along the way, the event will offer meaningful insights on topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, relating to work and life, which will make your time spent at the event worthy and memorable.

It all began with the intention to introduce our new products with a new approach. After a real brain-storming session, we decided to organize an event that would be a merger of an informative seminar which will provide significant acumens to many emerging start-ups as well as emerging entrepreneurs and will also serve as a platform to explain our upcoming products satisfactorily. It was a self-build networking opportunity.

So, once the decision was made, the hunt for an appropriate venue began. After some searching and in-person visits we settled for an auditorium. The auditorium of the business centre of Federation of Gujarat Industries. The calling invitations started and we began organizing and planning the event, but to be very true, not so well in advance.

We had to make quick arrangements for everything and started off with some really fascinating ideas in mind, finding that all of that was not very easily attainable in the limited time frame we had. The presentations were made, many of our team members who had never presented on stage before also volunteered for the same which is highly commendable. Tasks were allotted, arrangements were made and of course food was ordered too.

The week before the event passed like a gust of wind, and it seemed like time had passed too fast. So finally before much wait the day came, it was our first event. We all were thrilled. The hard times totally united all of us and we took it through together. Yes, without any denial, there were flaws, there were some bumps in the road, but all-together it was a really worthy and great experience that each and every member of the SYNC team will cherish forever.


It was an event organized for marking the future launch of three new products, namely, EmTrack (Field-force location tracking and management app), WIADOT (Website in a day or two) and SYMEX Hosting (Sensible Web hosting). Seminars on imperative topics like business leadership, latest technologies and current innovations were also delivered.


The event provided a stellar face-to-face networking opportunity, served in establishing appropriate brand value and reputation and helped in introducing the soon-coming products along with developing a strong potential client base through a perfect blend of digital marketing and real interactions. Speaking humbly, the event gifted us many things, but most of all it gave us lessons that we will learn from and it showed us strength, the strength of unity. Unity and oneness can make any tough deed possible. Cheers to the SYNC team and the feeling of gratitude for all our supporters and well-wishers.

Thank you!