Dare to be dull

Although this may seem like a slightly cliched phrase, see the great impact it has on our lives, and how we miss to use its powers.

Which are the places where we strive forth to prove our excellence? At work, where you wish to display all the amazing skills you possess, your witty talks that captivate your peers, or the simply infinite fire to excel at everything you do. Or maybe at home, amongst the members of your family and the sophisticated friends you have. You want to be the super man who balances work and personal life so well that none ever complains. Yes, and how can we miss the great impression you want to have on your friends and colleagues whom you either envy or idealise. You are always competing in an unannounced competition that defines how good you are, what skills make you stand out. The race of being simply awesome at everything you ever do!

As much as this attitude seems to lead us towards greatness, this at times becomes our own inadequacy. The very thing that will pull us back from reaching our highest potential and realising greatness for real.

Why? Simple. With the want and desire of being great, without saying comes the fear that very nicely befriends it. It’s very much like your best friend who wishes that you excel but cannot stand to see you rank first, this friend is called ‘fear of inadequacy’.

We live in this world, very nicely put as ‘the world of first impressions’. We just know that each and every move we make is going to be seen, analysed, scrutinised and judged. We have been so consumed by the desire to only be the best always, that it prevents us from trying the simplest of things for the fear of being dumb.

It may seem that we don’t fall victim to this feeling, but have a closer look. How many times have we kept mum and didn’t speak up just to prevent making a fool out of ourselves? How many times have we not made an attempt as we are unsure of its outcome?

Due to the desire of presenting only our ultimate best, we stop risking taking any chances, we stop trying for the fear of being considered dumb or dull.

Today I challenge you to step forward, trash the fear, grab the smallest of opportunities, leave the inhibitions and DARE TO BE DULL. Only if you keep on trying, keep moving on and utilising each minute opportunity, without the fear of foolishness. That’s when you’d keep on sculpturing yourself and reach Greatness.

Friends, it’s a challenge, leave the inhibitions and Dare to be dull.